Tickadeeboo homeware Products Of the Week

Our top picks for the week

Have a look at this weeks top 8 products we, at Tickadeeboo love! Whether you are decorating the home, looking for a gift or just browsing we are sure to have something you’ll love.

Glass jar candle with purple label

Wellington scented candle. Picked from the Lucy King New Zealand collection, a gorgeous fragrance combination of cedar, Myrrh and Clary sage inspired by Wellington. These candles will burn for up to 55 hours and are made from 100% natural soy wax.

Pink pitaya jelly for dogs bag

Scoop Dog Pink Pitaya Jelly. Jelly for dogs ! Made for 100% Natural NZ fruit, veggies and honey. A fabulous fun treat to make for your fur baby, make in ice cube trays and store in the fridge for up to a week. Our dogs absolutely love these and one packet goes a long way!

Vintage wooden brick moulds

Vintage Brick Mould. These are a great way to add another level of texture and interest to a room, great used as a container for jars or bottles or a great place to chuck your keys into. A super versatile fun and interesting decor item.

spray bottle with ylang ylang and orange around it

Organic Good For Everything Cleaning Spray. Santosa makes a fabulous range of products right here in New Zealand, the Organic cleaning spray does an amazing job in all areas of the home or office, it comes in two fragrances Cedarwood and Juniper Berry and Sweet orange and Ylang Ylang. We stock their full organic range including refills.

Multi coloured matches in glass bottle on box

Matches in a bottle multi colored. Our Tickadeeboo matches are always a top seller, presented in a small glass bottle with an aluminium lid keeps them dry and safe. Super cute pop of colour next to your favourite candle or incense and a great gift for all candle lovers.

Bamboo baby wipes

Bamboo Baby Wipes. Handmade in New Zealand, these 100% cotton reusable wipes make the perfect gift for any new parent. A perfect Eco friendly and low waste solution for all those messy baby needs. 

Ataahua oil

Ataahua face oil. Our ever popular Ataahua face oil is made by Pacific Yogaflows Diedre-Lee Allen in New Zealand. It soaks right into your skin nourishing and soothing with the beautiful fragrances of geranium, sweet orange and lavender.

Pallares pruning shears carbon steel straight 19cm next to box

Pallares pruning shears. These vintage style carbon steel secateurs are new in store and are sure to be popular! Handmade in Spain and are really lightweight, their bright orange handle will also make them hard to loose in the garden. Ideal for fresh flowers, the vege garden and vines.

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