Tickadeeboo Insideout Design was started by Roz Scott in 2013 as an interior design and styling company.

In her previous life as a successful real estate agent and interior designer Roz saw the need for a quality home staging company to help owners and agents present homes and apartments at their best to maximise their investment.

What began as a small warehouse of personal, designer and bespoke items hired out to sellers has since grown to a successful business with six employees capable of beautifully staging and styling up to fifteen homes. Over the year we have sold off stock and replenished it to keep up with the world trends.

Many of Roz’s happy clients are constantly requesting to buy from the Tickadeeboo collection and Roz has always wanted to set up a retail store (with good coffee LOL); so setting up Tickadeeboo Store – an online store of carefully curated homeware and accessories was the next step in building the brand.

We have a knowledgeable, energetic and amazing team ready to help you with all enquiries and get you the treasures you’ve always wished for.  

Enjoy your journey with us!

Roz - Tickadeeboo Founder
Roz – Tickadeeboo Founder
Hope - Tickadeeboo Store Manager
Hope – Tickadeeboo Store Manager

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