Bowl Bird Feeder


Bowl Bird Feeder by Metalbird. A quirky way of keeping birds happy and hydrated! Made locally in NZ. A perfect gift for bird lovers.

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Bowl Bird Feeder by Metalbird. Bowl those birds over (metaphorically speaking) with this quirky way of keeping them happy and hydrated!??

As human beings with tap water, bottled water (or if you??e fancy, soda streams), we forget that access to clean, fresh water isn?? always a given for the birds living around us! This is where our bowl feeder comes in.. Designed to hold any round vessel of your choosing, from delicate porcelain to practical tupperware, it?? a way to keep birds hydrated, with the added perk of attracting them to your yard on a daily basis! Forget asking someone out for a drink, offer a bird some water and you??l have companions for life! It improves their quality of life and habitat, and gives you the chance to observe their sweet quirks and behaviors up close.?

This Bowl Feeder is: 19cm long by 15cm wide approximately 300g, Perfect for personalisation inner hole measures 10cm to fit a range of bowls, made locally in NZ, Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime, easy to install slide the Mini Piwakawaka into base, then simply hammer the base horizontally into position so that the cut-out faces the ground. Once installed, add your choice of bowl, saucer, or even cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and place in the centre hole. Fill with your choice of water or bird feed and watch the birds flock!

NOTE: Bowl not included.

Designed with 3mm CorTen steel to form a protective patina that deepens and strengthens with the seasons. This patina will deepen in shade over the years until it reaches a deep brown/charcoal black hue.

This self-sealing aspect of CorTen steel provides a quality guarantee of up to 100 years, ensuring that our product lasts a lifetime and remains completely corrosion resistent.

What might initially resemble generic rust is simply the air and water-tight patina forming over a six month period, so don?? panic! Your Metalbird is doing exactly what it?? been designed to do, and this patina will protect the steel from any further damage and disintegration.

CorTen steel does not require any treatments, oils or chemical additives and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 15 cm