The Cars Of The 50s By Farmer Gavin


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The Cars Of The 50s. A History of cars manufactured and assembled in Australia during the 1950s. Hardcover. Author: Farmer Gavin. The fifties was a boom time for Australian’s and a wonderful time to be in Australia. This beautiful book covers the cars of the period starting from 1948 and the history of our manufacturing industries in Australia during those times. The cars we made, the cars we drove and a look back at all the manufacturers in Australia selling and producing cars. The book covers the history of each company and how Holden became the dominant make by 1959 and held virtually 50 per cent of the total market with a single model product range.

A book every man should have or women who love there cars. General motors, Ford, Geelong, Chrysler, Morris, Wolseley, Austin and more. What a suberb gift.

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